There are several VHS-Player available for In-Car use or combined In-Car and domestic use. Last ones have both a 220V plus a 12V power connection. It is highly recommended to use a player in HiFi-Stereo quality as you will listen to the sound of the video tape via your extensive Mobile Media System. Cheaper Mono decks will sound very thin and unsatisfying if you are used to the sound of other sources which are playbacked with the same system. And HiFi Stereo sound will let you enjoy the movie with a lot more intensity and it would be a pitty to sacrifice the excellent image quality of Alpine´s LCD-screens by a low quality video deck. For installation and operation convenience, please don´t forget to think about how often and when the player should be within reach and how to control it for example from the rear passenger seats. Special for In-Car use designed 12V video decks include a separate remote eye so that you can mount the player anywhere in the car such as in the trunk and feed the remote eye to the place where you would like to control the video player from - from the rear seats for example.