Some products that are used in the Mobile Media System Proposals are designed for domestic use and operate with 220 Volt high voltage. However, they can also be used in the car if inverters are used that invert the 12 Volt on the input side to 220V on the output side. For proper operation of the proposed equipment the inverter should ideally produce 220V with a sine wave (n o t square wave!) and should be capable to handle inductive loads such as given by the transformers inside a game console for example. 50-100W (real) nominal power is sufficient but in any case, please calculate the power consumption before selecting the inverter. ATTENTION: You are working with high voltage and these inverters normally have no ground protection on the 220 Volt side! Wire all connections properly and safely and avoid any contact with cables during installation and operation! Keep accessible parts of the high voltage side away from passengers, children, humidity, impact or anything else that could create electric shock to persons operating and installing the system! Please also confirm that the 12 V fuse can handle the inverter´s power handling!